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Aliens And The Future Shock: Whey These Mysterious Alien Beings Don’t Want To Make Contact?!

Is Alvin Toffler’s 45-year-old book the solution to why aliens have yet to establish open contact with humanity? Is it stated in the “Future Shock” revelation why the alien flirts with humans but never engages us? Do they comprehend that too much realism, and too fast is too much for humans? Is it possible that meeting the extraterrestrial may hasten the arrival of the Future?

Author Alvin Toffler established a concept so deep in 1970 that its repercussions are still felt as time passes. The inability to deal with quick or unexpected change causes “Future Shock,” a physical and emotional state of disorientation. It’s “a bad individual and societal psychological condition,” as Toffler puts it so succinctly. It happens when there is too much change given in too little time.”

Biological, societal, and other variables may hinder our capacity to “take in” such complex knowledge and insight. We put an unnecessary load on our ability to detect and reason when we absorb too much “different” information too quickly. We’d be afraid, and our ability to make decisions would deteriorate. As a consequence, we may become irrational. We humans don’t often accept extreme change and prefer the comforts of home. We don’t have the tools we need to cope with the cosmos.


A meeting with an extraterrestrial is, by definition, a meeting with the future. If they come here instead of us coming to them, they will have an instant edge. This indicates that they are both a past and a future race. They have a far longer evolution and history than we have, yet they are also from the “future.” Even the brightest of brains would be harmed by this mindset.

An open contact act would “collide” the past, the present, and the future in unexpected ways. It would be like living in Distant Time and the Far Future if you met an alien and saw its technology and civilization. Meeting people who are older and more evolved than we are right now is the ultimate disruption of time’s flow. Things aren’t intended to turn out like way.

Being pushed ahead 100,000 years and seeing the world to come in a world older than our own would not be intriguing or adventurous. It would be a scary situation to be in. Our capacity to manage this would be questioned since our wiring is tight and our thoughts are rigid. Overwhelmed by change, people struggle and disintegrate. They may feel left out and abandoned, as well as dissatisfied, envious, and powerless. They may become skeptical and frightened.


Many individuals like theorizing, researching, and investigating UFOs. Many individuals, however, would find the “thing” itself to be excessively distracting. That is, although most people are aware of UFOs, they would not want their family to be taken aboard one. We are at comfortable when we think about extraterrestrials, but few would have the guts to invite one to dinner.

We have a charming image of UFOs as simple nuts and bolts, but we are not yet ready to comprehend their true nature as unknown entities.

This is most likely known to these aliens or future creatures. They are well aware of the negative implications:

Recognizing the extraterrestrial implies that there are people who are older and wiser than mankind on all levels. They’ve already gone there and done it. Our history seems little in contrast. We’d quickly realize that we’re not the center of the universe. Would we, as individuals and as a society, doubt or dismiss our value and significance in the Universe? To always feel “lesser”? What would it be like to be a student for the rest of your life and never have to teach?


It’s possible that we wouldn’t be their pupils. Maybe they wouldn’t want to share. And this may cause more issues than if they swiftly exposed us to the topics of “future life.”

Technology that isn’t shared is a source of concern and distrust. This is something that every War Department is aware of. The extraterrestrial is fully aware that humanity would seek him and compete for his future products. A new area of research called as “Disruptive Technologies” has evolved in recent years. A “disruptive technology” is one that is fundamentally and monumentally better to previous or current technologies, resulting in widespread obsolescence and the need for massive change. The aliens oppose technology transfer because they believe it will “transfer” mankind in ways that will be disruptive and unpleasant in the short term.

Technology has emancipated us, but it is also slowly destroying us. We still haven’t figured out how to properly employ technology. It’s something we surround ourselves and our children with. We lose touch with the pulse of life when we connect with it. We’re speeding up the process of weaponizing technology. We also contaminate our air, land, water, and food with fatal chemicals in order to gain technology. We loot the Earth, which provides us with food and shelter. The extraterrestrial visitor must be here for the long haul, and they know we aren’t.


Over four decades ago, Alvin Toffler properly prophesied ‘future things’ that have both benefited and hurt mankind, such as:

The emergence of online communities (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, online forums)

The capacity to learn about events as they happen anywhere in the globe thanks to hyper-connections (i.e. CNN, online news)

The occurrence of large-scale environmental catastrophes is becoming more common (i.e. oil spills such as the Deepwater Horizon BP spill)

Children who are immersed in personal technology are isolated (i.e. video games, smartphones)

A rise in the number of public meltdowns (i.e. school shootings, road rage)

The analysis of Alvin Toffler exhibits foresight. And this knowledge may be used to any Alien situation.


A Futurist is Alvin Toffler, who is still active at the age of 85. “Cultural shock” is how he describes his experience. “I experienced the same sudden dislocation that some travelers experience when thrown into a strange society – such as when travelling to an exotic foreign destination,” he says.

If that culture was brought to our area without our consent — and not on our timetable — true “alienation” would result. Maybe it’d be a little too much, too soon…

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