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Strange ‘Clear Dome UFO’ Was Filmed Speeding Over Scotland

Fans were perplexed when renowned ufologist Scott Waring uploaded video of a disc-shaped UFO traveling at great speed over the river, claiming it was “100% evidence that aliens exist.”

Scott Waring, who is renowned for making outrageous claims about extraterrestrial sightings, shared a video from a professional drone user in 2019. The original tape claimed to have been shot over Scotland’s Firth of Forth, and Scott was persuaded the site was somewhere around Edinburgh’s waterways.

“I think this white disk originated from a dirty region of the plant,” he claimed. “Look at all these pipes from the rear, it’s damaging our air and environment, and I believe this UFO was investigating.”

“I think that extraterrestrial drones and UFOs want to investigate anything that flies; they want to examine the most cutting-edge technology in order to figure out when humanity will go into space and begin establishing civilizations on other worlds.”

From the bottom of the screen, an unknown aircraft passes over the ocean and looks to be going inland. Some people saw the translucent domed structure on the disc in the enlarged image and boldly claimed that this may be evidence of alien life.

Whatever it is, it seems to be traveling at least 400 mph, if not much faster. It’s just an incredible video.

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