Our Planet Was Covered By A Strong Magnetic Storm: How To Protect Health

On April 20, the planet was engulfed in a magnetic storm. On Wednesday, many individuals will be affected by geomagnetic surges, which may make them feel worse, make them fatigued and irritated, and worsen chronic ailments.

According to specialists, the most risky time period is between 1 and 8 p.m. As a result, everyone should plan ahead of time to take care of their health.

It’s worth noting that a powerful magnetic storm may have a significant influence on the health of weather-dependent and elderly persons. Experts list the following as some of the most typical issues:

– tiredness or sleeplessness – headaches and dizziness – palpitations in the heart – exhaustion
– mood swings, sadness, and irritability
– worsening of chronic illnesses – muscular and joint discomfort

Experts also warn anyone with health issues, particularly hypertension, to exercise caution on this day.

On April 20, try to stay away from high levels of physical and psychological stress. Increase your walking time in the fresh air, and make an effort to sleep and eat healthily throughout the day.

Strong alcoholic beverages, as well as spicy and salty meals, should be avoided at all costs. Coffee and energy drinks should also be eliminated from your diet. Herbal teas may be used instead.

If you have a chronic illness, be sure you have all of your medications on hand.

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