“Road To Atlantis” Found By Researchers Right At The Bottom Of The Pacific Ocean

Scientists discovered the “Yellow Brick Road” at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean while studying underwater volcanoes.

A “yellow brick road” has been uncovered by scientists exploring an old undersea volcanic chain in the Pacific Ocean. The brickwork was caused by volcanic activity, which “painted” the rock in such a unique fashion.

The E/V Nautilus submersible pilots have discovered a find while investigating the ancient seamounts of the Liliuokalani Range, which you can see in the video below. In the video, a team uses a robotic arm to try to dig a manganese crust from the bottom.

During its functioning, the gadget comes across a dry section known as the “baked crust,” when the “yellow brick road” appears.

“What is it?” one researcher wonders aloud. Another says, “Road to Atlantis.”

The experts explain that what seems to be a ‘way’ to the mythological city of Atlantis is actually the product of past volcanic activity.

The strange geological feature was discovered at the peak of the Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument’s Nootka Seamount.

It seemed to be a part of a dry lake bed at first, but it was later recognized as hyaloclastite, a volcanic rock.

It has been eroded by repeated heating and cooling as the region erupted, giving it the appearance of a brick road.

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