Mysterious Flying Saucer Recorded Landing In Colombia

An unusual video of a flying saucer-shaped UFO that looked to have landed in the distance was obtained by a Colombian eyewitness.

Last Saturday in Medellin, photographer John Vargas purportedly snapped the strange scenario. The enigmatic item looks to be little more than a black blob floating in a foggy sky in the footage.

The object, however, seems to be in the form of a flying saucer, which is typically connected with the UFO phenomena.

Vargas and his buddies debate what they see as they view the bizarre spectacle. His buddies speculate that it’s a drone, but the photographer maintains it’s not.

Then, unexpectedly, the “flying saucer” starts to drop from the sky, finally landing somewhere in the city. Regrettably, Vargas’ film concludes with no hint of where the UFO may have landed.

In terms of what the UFO may have been other than an extraterrestrial object, despite Vargas’ dismissal of the possibilities, one cannot rule out the chance that it was just a drone.

A balloon might be another option if the unusual thing isn’t a balloon

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