What Are These Strange Lights That Appeared On The Moon?

Many individuals have witnessed and reported flashes of light on the Moon for years. Is that possible?

Strange lights in the atmosphere of Earth? Are extraterrestrials on the loose?

It happens on a weekly basis. On the surface, there are sometimes merely fleeting bursts of light. Others endure longer, and there are occasions when areas are darkened briefly.

They might be created by meteorite strikes or electrically charged solar wind particles reacting with lunar dust, according to one theory. Who can say?

There are many microscopic bits of rock and other things in space that sometimes impact a planet or the Moon.

When they collide with the Earth, they often burn up in the atmosphere, resulting in meteors (also known as “shooting stars”).

However, because the Moon has no atmosphere, these small objects crash with its surface immediately, causing a short flash.

“These transitory lunar occurrences have been recognized since the 1950s,” specialists say, “but they haven’t been monitored consistently or long enough.”

When are we going back to the moon?

Last year, NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine stated that the agency has established plans to return to the Moon and settle on Mars, and that people will return to our satellite by 2028.

The strategy is predicated on the creation of a space launch system for the Orion spacecraft, which will work in tandem with the Gateway orbital platform.

“With new technology and inventive methods, we will go to the Moon in the next decade to study additional regions on its surface,” adds the expert.

“This time, we’ll remain when we arrive. “As we move forward, we’ll apply what we’ve learned to make the next major leap: sending people to Mars,” he says.

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