Another Hidden World May Actually Exist Right Beneath The Ice In Antarctica, Researchers Recently Revealed This

If you haven’t heard, another astounding find has been made beneath the ice of Antarctica, with specialists claiming to have discovered a sequence of “wetlands” that might contain a whole underground civilization.

These wetlands may be discovered 2,700 feet below West Antarctica, and scholars believe they may be home to an ancient civilization that exists outside of our whole planet.

The National Science Foundation and the Whillans Ice Subglacial Access Research Drilling initiative sponsored the whole effort that led to this finding in the first place, and none of the sponsors appear to be backing down.

The fact that we are only now noticing this is due to global warming in general. Whether you believe it or not, increasing and falling water levels cause many of Antarctica’s constructions to fall apart and disintegrate.

This is how so much of Antarctica’s subterranean became exposed as a whole, leading to the discovery of the wetlands.

Many people think that Antarctica was once a tropical location, and there is evidence of this laying about to this day, so if this civilization has been surviving down there since then, it would make this race one of the oldest still existing civilizations that we’ve ever seen.


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