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Strange Stone Circle Was Uncovered In Turkey – Baffles The UFO Community

A photo of a weird stone circle went viral today, sending the UFO community into a frenzy. I also came across a video on the YouTube channel UFO Mania that asked fans for their opinions “What exactly is this? What is the location of this unusual structure?”

I performed some research and came up with the following:

On a mountainside in Turkey’s Mersin province, this Stone Circle is a flawless geometric shape that either arose or is already an old engraving.

The fascinating thing about this petroglyph is that it completely replicates the first pictograms seen in English fields in 1990: a bigger circle joined to a smaller circle by a central bar.

All of this tells me that the crop circle 2020 season is about to begin, and it is already nearing the end of a 30-year cycle and a full turn of Saturn, which implies HARVEST of time. And this stone pictograph is similar to English pictograms from 30 years ago, in 1990.

This stone circle may indicate “Sign for the Earth, its moon, and the energy flow,” according to one user.

According to another user:

“I’d been there, seen it, and it felt fantastic!”

What are your thoughts on the stone circle? What could that possibly mean? Take a peek at the video below.


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