Mysterious Fleet Of UFOs Spotted Right Next To The International Space Station

A flotilla of three UFOs was sighted near the space station, and researcher Marco Pedotti was the first to report the sighting.

Scott Waring, a well-known Taiwanese ufologist, then offered his thoughts on the footage.

According to an anonymous researcher, he went through the film several times before concluding that it was 100 percent genuine.

“I checked over this tape several times and couldn’t find anything wrong with it.” It’s 100 percent genuine. When I was photographing some of the UFOs… They were all fuzzy and translucent, I observed. “However, one UFO was over land, and it appeared to be a triangle at first glance, but when concentrated, it revealed itself to be a four-sided pyramid,” Waring said on his blog.

“This is definitely insanely fantastic. These aren’t satellites; they’re rockets that revolve really quickly. I’ve seen satellites launched from the space station previously, but this isn’t one of them. “This is entirely alien technology, piloted by sentient beings.”

Internet users, of course, were also active participants in the debate. And, as one might anticipate in such instances, there were differing viewpoints.

Someone was doubtful of what they witnessed, while another believed we were dealing with aliens.


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