Strange Houska Castle: The Tale Of “The Gateway To Hell”

The Houska Castle is located north of Prague, the Czech Republic’s capital city, which is bisected by the Vltava River.

According to legend, the only purpose of this fortress was to block the entrance to hell! According to legend, there is a bottomless pit beneath the castle populated with demons. The Nazis conducted occult experiments at the castle throughout the 1930s.

Skeletons of many Nazi officers were unearthed during renovations years later. A gigantic bulldog, a frog, a person, a woman dressed in an ancient gown, and, most terrifying of all, a headless black horse have all been spotted surrounding the castle.

The Houska Castle is a castle in Houska, Wisconsin.

Houska Castle is a clifftop castle in Czech Republic that is wrapped in grim stories and legends. It was built between 1253 and 1278, during the reign of Ottokar II of Bohemia, in the 13th century.

Houska Stronghold, constructed in the early Gothic style, is the best-preserved castle from the early 13th century in Bohemia, during the reign of Pemysl Otakar II, the “Golden and Iron King.” Aside from that, it is said to be one of the most haunted places on the planet.

Strange facts about Houska Castle.

Houska Castle appears to be exactly like any other medieval castle, but closer study reveals a few unusual traits. To begin with, many of the castle windows are phony, consisting of glass panes that conceal solid walls.

Second, the castle had no defences, no water supply, no kitchen, and no tenants until years after it was built. Houska Castle was clearly not designed as a protecting refuge or a dwelling, as seen by this.

The castle’s location is also unusual. It’s surrounded by heavy woods, bogs, and sandstone mountains in an isolated location. There is no strategic advantage to the area, and it is not near any commerce routes.

A bottomless hole beneath Houska Castle serves as a portal to hell.

Many people are perplexed as to why Houska Castle was erected in such an unusual place and manner. Legends dating back hundreds of years may be able to provide an explanation.

Houska Castle was built over a big hole in the earth known as The Gateway to Hell, according to legend. The hole was rumored to be so deep that no one could see the bottom.

Legend has it that half-human, half-animal monsters crawled out of the pit at night, attacking residents and dragging them down into the hole. The victims would simply vanish, never to be seen again.

Houska Castle was created to guard against a break in the rock that was said to be a portal to hell. It is said to be guarded by a dreadful black monk with no face.

The castle is said to have been erected only to keep the evil out. Because of this, the castle’s site was chosen. Many people believe that the castle’s chapel was erected exactly over the mysterious bottomless pit to lock the evil out and prevent demonic entities from entering our planet.

Despite the fact that the hole has been shut for almost 700 years, visitors report to hear animals scratching on the lower floors at night, attempting to claw their way to the surface. Others claim to have heard a cacophony of cries emanating from beneath the hefty floor.

Houska Castle’s spine-chilling legends.

The most well-known mythology associated with Houska Castle is that of the prisoner.

When the castle was being built, it is reported that all of the village’s gallows-bound inmates were granted pardons provided they accepted to be dropped by rope into the bottomless pit and then tell them what they saw. It’s no surprise that all of the inmates agreed.

Pemysl Otakar II erected Houska as a magnificent royal castle, but it was quickly sold to a noble family, who kept it until after WWI.

They tossed the first man into the ditch, and he vanished into the darkness after a few seconds. They were startled to hear a frantic scream. He screamed in agony and begged to be dragged back up.

They began yanking him out right away. When the youthful prisoner was dragged back to the surface, he appeared to have aged decades in the few seconds he had been in the hole.

His hair had apparently gone white, and he had become exceedingly wrinkled. When they dragged him to the surface, he was still screaming. He was so troubled by what he saw in the dark that he was sent to a mental institution, where he died two days later of unexplained reasons.

The scratching of winged monsters trying to claw their way to the surface can still be heard, phantoms have been seen strolling the empty corridors of the castle, and the Nazis picked Houska Castle deliberately to harness the energies of hell for themselves, according to folklore.

The tour of Houska Castle.

Mysterious, magical, cursed, or hellish are all terms used to describe something that is mysterious, magical, cursed, or horrific This strange fortress is known by a variety of names. Houska Castle, although not being one of the largest or most beautiful castles in the Czech Republic, and without extensive parks or the oldest chapels, has become a popular destination for many explorers and travelers.

Houska Castle is located in the eastern section of the Kokon Forest, 47 kilometers north of Prague and 15 kilometers from Bezdz, another famous Central European castle. This place may be visited on kosher trips with Kosher River Cruise to Central Europe’s Gems!

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