Mysterious Alien UFO Spotted Above South Carolina Released Strange Pulsing Orbs

On January 6, a retired US Air Force veteran in Orangeburg, South Carolina, captured this clip.

The video was provided to ufologist Scott Warring, who had this to say about it: “This raw film was just reported today, and it’s mind-blowing!” Such close-up footage hasn’t been seen in a long time, in my opinion. I watched examined the film several times and found no evidence that it was a hoax.”

“With covid and the late-night hours, it’s very improbable that anyone else saw this craft that night.” “The city of Orangeburg has a tiny population of just 12,000 people, and with covid and the late-night hours, it’s quite unlikely that anybody else saw this craft that night.” “Indeed, alien spaceships hover straight above our houses when we are all asleep.”

We can see how the unusual UFO with pulsing multicolored lights emerged from the forest line in the footage. Two orbs emerged after a few seconds and began blinking red.

“It appeared as if they were attempting to create a gigantic aircraft; however, I worked on C-17s in the Air Force and know that this is not an aircraft,” the video’s creator explains. These UFOs moved slowly toward the neighbors and then vanished into the trees.

“I went out into the backyard and saw them go into the woods behind the home” (swampland). Close to the end of the movie, the red orbs transform from vertical to horizontal.”

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