Bizarre Ancient Staircase Discovered In Giza Plateau

In case you haven’t heard, researchers have discovered evidence that a fourth missing pyramid originally existed somewhere on the Giza plateau.

This was all in response to a recent remark that sparked a lot of debate since it looks that a new secret stairway was located here, which may theoretically lead to the 4th pyramid.

What’s remarkable about this is that if this new staircase is really part of the pyramid, it would suggest that it is in shambles.

Once it was formally dug, experts said that if it did lead to anything, we’d be fortunate to see what it was initially, since the destruction may be so extensive and irreparable that it wouldn’t even be identifiable.

Could we truly locate an entry under the sand here if we excavated the region completely? How could the existence of this new fourth pyramid have eluded us for so long?

Who might have constructed it? It will most certainly precede the other three pyramids if it is as badly damaged as it looks to be.

Is it possible that it was constructed by the same civilization that created the Sphinx? We all know that the Sphinx predates the rest of the Giza complex’s architecture, therefore this may have been constructed at the same period.

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