Police Officer Filmed a Strange Black Triangular-Shaped UFO in Clearwater, Florida

“I work for a Florida police department as a law enforcement officer. While responding to a complaint about a suspicious individual around 117 a.m. on October 4th, I spotted a fully black triangular-shaped craft about 40 feet over the earth going about 35 mph in a southerly direction.

There was no sound coming from the vessel. As the object approached my cruiser, it went behind some woods, and I noticed a clearing of trees ahead, and it was heading their way. As it passed through the trees, I shone my flashlight on a section of the object.

Because I had arrived on the site of a call, I was unable to pursue the craft. I later examined the dashcam footage from the time I arrived and noticed the item after I finished the conversation.

The video cameras are continually recording and saving to a cache. They are discarded and not saved to the hard disk until they are chosen. After watching the footage, I was able to see the event and a portion of the object as it went through the woods.

The replay from the cruiser’s in-car camera was recorded on my phone. For privacy, I erased my personal identification number from the upper left corner, which was a rectangular blur.”


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