Partial Eclipse Of The Moon – Strange Anomaly Spotted On The Moon – Ancient Pyramids?

Clouds, mists, lights, and weird things have been seen on the Moon for over a century. However, as the Apollo program progressed, knowledgeable individuals started to persuade us that the Moon was no longer alive.

Only a few hundred of the 140,000 images of the Moon’s surface have been released, according to the theory. When humans first stepped on the Moon in the late 1960s, they felt it was the start of a series of trips and study into our silver guide. Other crewed spacecraft, on the other hand, only flew until 1972.

The excursions were suddenly and mysteriously halted. Three additional ships that have been prepped are yet to sail. In 1995, the United States deployed an unmanned spacecraft to the moon, which was scanned by electronic equipment. However, it was the US Army, not NASA, that was responsible. Thousands of photographs she transmitted to Earth were never seen by the public.

Over the previous several decades, so much data concerning the moon have been collected that it may be declared without exaggeration that there is someone or something there. And it doesn’t stop there. Water, atmosphere, and vegetation all exist on the moon. Scientists are just now acknowledging these long-known truths. Many of us now are also concerned about why the Russians’ and Americans’ early elation over the Moon has shifted abruptly. As though they’d been told to return to the Moon…

George Leonard, a very inquisitive individual, has taken official NASA photographs and presented his findings. The government is hiding the fact that the advanced subsurface society “improves” the Moon’s surface and is significantly involved in mining operations. Leonard created a book that includes 35 pictures from NASA’s collection. From the pictures, a list of all photographs and their identifying numbers

Leonard uncovered a broad range of “monthly actions” that can only be ascribed to alien intelligence when they occur. The book also includes a NASA document tower, which includes scientists’ testimony and conversations between astronauts and the Houston control center, in addition to the images.

Everything indicated by the end of the 1970s that significant proof would be forthcoming shortly. However, they have not yet been made available. Instead, the audience is bombarded with inconsequential images.

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