Man Reveals He’s Been a Part Of Top Secret Time Travel – It’s Called The Pegasus Teleportation Project

Andrew Basiago discussed his work with time-traveling gadgets, which he’s been doing since the 1980s. On many occasions, he described how he traveled to the future and the past. How he lived on Mars with Barack Obama, who was dubbed “Barry Soetoro” at the time.

He went into great detail about it, even submitting scholarly papers to the National Geographic Society describing the different species and aliens he saw on Mars. National Geographic, on the other hand, was not interested in working with him.

He also mentioned a top-secret DARPA program from the 1970s which he claimed to have gone one million years in the past and even to the year 2045 in the future.

Project Pegasus was brought up by him. He said that this new project was supported during the Cold War so that he could return to Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address and proceed straight to Lincoln’s assassination.

Schoolchildren have also been known to be candidates for Project Pegasus. So they might be taught and sent back and forth in time for as long as feasible.

All of this was done to maintain political power since future presidential contenders could be readily identified. And even help them prepare for their futures by shaping them into the people they need to be. He mentioned how the CIA had been in contact with Barack Obama when he was a little boy.

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