The Ancient Forgotten City of Giants Has Been Finally Discovered In The Jungle Of Ecuador

The Amazon rainforest is supposed to be the cradle of a large human race. For as long as they can remember, the Aboriginals have been praying.

Thousands of stories have been written about the lives of these creatures. And how they’ve altered the world as we know it.

A group of investigators and intellectuals flew all the way to Ecuador to check or refute these assertions.

They requested a few Native Americans to assist them. However, they were taken to a secure area that only they knew about. The Aboriginals in this region performed strange ceremonies to calm the giants’ spirits.

During their research, they stumbled upon a vast megalithic construction made up of massive rocks weighing about two tons apiece.

Not only that, but the tops of each rock were as smooth and flat as they could possibly be. As a result, the specialists quickly assumed it was a Native American ceremonial instrument.

This was often used with them since altering two tones is not an easy process when you have little knowledge of computers or technology.

Perhaps much more intriguing is the fact that the structure was clearly constructed using a variety of tools. They also have equipment that is no longer in their arsenal.

Bruce Fenton, the study team’s leader, has said. That these tools constitute proof of the existence of giants.

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