ISS Camera Recorded A Strange Triangular-Shaped UFO

The International Space Station’s (ISS) camera recorded a triangular alien spacecraft. On his own website, Scott Waring, a well-known Taiwanese ufologist, commented on the occurrence.

“I came upon one video that stood out while searching for footage from the NASA space station camera. The Triangle UFO was seen around 50 meters away from the space station, with Waring confirming that “the weird object is massive, measuring about 40 meters in circumference.”

“It travels at the same rate as the International Space Station.” The truth is that live cameras aren’t deceptive. Extraterrestrial spacecraft may visit the space station at any moment they choose, according to this unedited clip. “I doubt they dock with the space station,” the ufologist says, “but they are surely sending a message to the astronauts aboard the ISS that they exist.”

Even the skeptics are baffled by the film, which shows a gigantic triangular object. Others are overjoyed that definitive proof of aliens has finally appeared.

“I have a feeling we’re dealing with interdimensional and extradimensional creatures as well as extraterrestrial entities,” one commenter says.

“Wow aliens visiting our earth, astonishing sophisticated technology,” said another.

Naturally, the video has been picked up and shared on websites devoted to the study of alien technology.


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