Immense Unidentified Space Wheel Was Filmed Passing Through Our Solar System

NASA captured footage of what seems to be a massive mysterious space wheel as it sped through our solar system at incredible speeds. This may seem to be a joke, but we can assure you that it is genuine and that it is something you should look into since ignoring it might be disastrous for us as a species.

The footage was captured by a NASA satellite, and as you can see from the photographs below, this object is certainly not an asteroid. It is way too intricate for that.

It is immense, despite the fact that it does not look to be so. For the sake of comparison, consider that this entity is even bigger than our planet.

Its shape, on the other hand, drew everyone’s attention since no one understands why this object is shaped like a large space wheel.

It sped past the Sun at a very fast speed, which is probably for the best since if it passed by at a slower speed, it would very definitely do severe damage to its surface due to the pressure alone, killing us all.

The video below was captured by NASA’s satellite, albeit NASA quickly announced that the spacecraft had had a number of malfunctions, to say the least.


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