Bizarre UFO Was Spotted Above The Clouds And Freaked Out All Airline Passengers

This is intriguing, and I’m sure there’s a “logical” reason for it.

The aircraft’s nose rises 90 degrees, travels 180 degrees, then flattens. There was no exhaust trail to follow from where it initially appeared in the sky.

Keep an eye on the ship’s right side, as it rises in a single piece.

This astonishing video was recorded by YouTube user “Kerry forides” in May 2018:

“I just arrived in Athens at 4.30 p.m. today, March 21, 2018, after flying across Turkey somewhere between Izmir and the Agean Sea of Khios. My wife had called 15 minutes before to say she had spotted a missile, so I was on high alert and ready.”

“It seems to be flying away at a right angle from our commercial jet, and despite neither of us seem to turn, we end up literally following it.

Why was there black smoke so close to our aircraft, and why couldn’t I see a source of the jet stream or an airplane of any kind? Please like, share, and subscribe to KLK. Regards Kerry”


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