Ancient Star-Shaped Drilling Holes Were Found In Stone – Advanced Precision Machines Used In Ancient Times?!

Every day, new discoveries are made that disclose secrets that humanity has not yet been granted access to.

Despite the fact that these aspects are real and obvious, scientists refuse to explore them because they contradict their chosen purpose; in order to recognize the existence of these variables, scientists must concede that everything they’ve been working on for so long has been incorrect.

The ancient Volda Star-Shaped Holes are an excellent illustration of this. These are so detailed and accurate that they can only be characterized as the result of cutting-edge technology.

It is a fact that human hands could never produce such clean incisions or perfectly symmetrical shapes. But, if the reasoning is correct, why are they star-shaped in the first place if they were drilled?

Historians admit that precise drilling holes may be found at locations like Puma Punku and the Gizas basalt plateau, but the Volda discovery stands out because of the pattern of the holes.

These holes have already been detected in Massachusetts and Volda, Norway, but researchers expect them to start appearing in other places as well.

Some think this is proof of humanity’s communication with aliens, while others believe it was a result of aliens first contacting humans.


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