What If UFOs Are Actually Piloted By Humans From The Future Who Time-Traveled To The Past?

Since Republican Senator Mike Gallagher’s historic address at the congressional UFO hearings last week, where he managed to enrage Pentagon officials with his inquiries concerning UAPs, there has been a lot of news attention.

Gallagher gave an intriguing alternative to the extraterrestrial UFO idea while discussing the origins of UFOs.

During an appearance with The Pat McAfee Show, Gallagher highlighted UFOs witnessed by the military in restricted airspace from land, air, and sea. These things, he believes, are either the result of hostile nation technology or alien objects.

He also mentioned a third alternative, which he described as “very exciting” despite the lack of evidence.

People from the future and a UFO

The third possibility, according to Gallagher, is that UFOs are not aliens, but rather items from other dimensions, interdimensional spacecraft, or even individuals from the future who have journeyed to the past.

The congressman continued to build his UFO viewpoint by stating that if we travel back 200 years, we would arrive at a time where we will not have vehicles, the Internet, or good weaponry; instead, we will have technology that we consider archaic now.

Gallagher stated that if we fast-forward 200 or 400 years from our current point in history, whomever is left would undoubtedly tell us, “You people can’t bend space-time?” This is something we learnt 50 or 100 years ago.”

Gallagher stated that, although not being a techie, he is aware that we already have equipment that can technically transfer neutrinos.

We also have the technology to demonstrate that subatomic particles can move at speeds faster than light. Time travel, according to Einstein, is theoretically feasible.

As a result, the US Congressman examines the third possibility, that individuals from the future are UFOs that we see.

It’s possible that humans from the future, i.e., us, have discovered how to bend space-time, and what we see is nothing more than our technology from the past. This concept was dubbed the Terminator hypothesis by Gallagher.

It’s worth noting that Gallagher isn’t the only one who thinks this is the most likely scenario. He stresses, however, that he does not rule out the possibility that any of the others – such as alien – is equally valid.

In an interview, he stated, “If we are going to truly explore this problem, we must be open to all possibilities and follow the data wherever it goes.”

UFOs have never been as popular as they are now.

It’s astonishing how fast UFOs have become a common topic of conversation. UFOs were nothing more than a conspiracy idea ten years ago. Despite the fact that governments were investigating the phenomena at the time, UFOs were not publicly addressed in society with the same freedom and acceptability.

The situation has altered today.

Not only did individuals lose their fear of discussing UFOs, but scientists got intrigued in the topic as well.

Astronomers like Professor Avi Loeb, for example, have led the scientific race to understand UFOs-UAPs and their origins.

Loeb was the one who stated a few years ago that Oumaumua, the first known interstellar object to pass through our solar system, was manmade and alien.

UFOs have never been as popular as they are now. It’s only a matter of time until this issue erupts entirely and secret UFO proof surfaces, potentially changing our perception of UFOs.

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