What If All Those Strange UFOs Are Actually Living Beings?

The enigma of UFOs is still shrouded in many unknowns. UAPs “are a genuine phenomena and a threat to national security,” according to the latest disclosures from the Pentagon and US intelligence services.

The origins and objectives of these odd visitors that soar above cities and towns with complete impunity are unclear at this time.

The beliefs of superior species visiting us or humans from the future traveling in our time are already well-known, but a new theory has recently gained traction.

It aims to illustrate that the alleged UFOs are formed of biological stuff rather than metal, and that these “flying objects” are nothing more than new forms of life arriving from space.

Charles Fort first mentioned the presence of these space monsters in his work “The Book of the Damned” in 1948, and following authors such as Ivan T. Sanderson, Jhon Filippe Bezos, and Trevor James Constabland strongly believed that there existed an ecosystem of unknown origin atmospheric animals:

“Bioluminescent creatures that look like oceanic and marine animals”

Many astronauts claim to have seen firefly snakes or anything like jellyfish in the depths of space, occasionally documenting and shooting these odd forms of life on video, as in the cases of John Glenn and Franklin Musgrave.

The eminent researcher Andreas Faber-kaiser (Gold Medal and National Astronomy Award) wrote a chapter called “The Incredible Jellyfish of Space” in his book “The Clouds of Deception” in which he warns us that UFOs are new forms of life on the way to Earth.

David G. Roca (Universidad Alicante) wrote “La Biblia de las Ebas” in 2022, in which he claims that weird bioluminescent life forms have colonized our atmosphere.

Many anomalous occurrences that are mistaken for flying saucers from distant worlds are caused by these EBAS (Atmospheric Biological Entities).

For this author, as well as many others, the number of unusual events will continue to rise as these species proliferate within our atmosphere, causing a slew of significant difficulties in the future.

Independent scientists such as Ruggero Santilli have written two essays on the presence of unknown and intelligent beings within our atmosphere, based on his antimatter research and using concave lens telescopes.

The most intriguing aspect of the situation is that in the most well-known cases of ufology, such as the being of Évora, the Bariloche Case, or the incident on the island of Colares, witnesses claim that the UFOs they saw up close had characteristics that were very similar to those of animals, such as nerves, veins, tentacles, or flagella.

“Everything appears to point to these beings coming on our planet in an indiscriminate manner.”

Nobody knows what will happen if this colonization succeeds, but one thing is certain: if this idea is proven, the rules of biology, evolution, and physics will have to be altered.

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