The Strange Case Of The Real Men in Black: Researchers Are Sure That They Are Not Human At All

The topic of “men in black” is taken seriously by ufologists. The most popular theory now is that “men in black” are cyborgs, biorobots sent to Earth by aliens to cover up too visible indications of their arrival by unidentifiable items, as well as to neutralize those who are trying to investigate this phenomenon too aggressively…

Alien relics were simply purchased.

Residents of New Mexico Jerome Clark and Lucius Farish reported in the Santa Fe Daily New Mexico in 1880 that on the evening of March 26, they observed a flying ship in the shape of a cigar with a massive propeller. In the odd ship’s open gondola, there were 10 people.

The spacecraft swung right and left, sped up and down, dropped, soared up, and at times sailed right up to the earth.

The passengers of the ship waved at them, laughed, and said something in an unknown language, according to witnesses. Their conduct was comparable to that of those who were inebriated. It appeared to be mirrored in the ship’s turbulent flying as well. Several objects were thrown overboard by one of the passengers.

The newspaper’s editors said the flying craft was nothing more than an airship. They were already doing their maiden flights at the time, but they were nearly unmanageable and couldn’t maneuver like the spacecraft observed by Clark and Farish.

Only four years later, in 1884, the first controlled flight in an airship with an engine took place in France. This airship covered a distance of 8 kilometers in 23 minutes.

A lovely flower, a strip of silky paper with writing that looked like hieroglyphs, and a very beautifully constructed cup were discovered near the local railway station after some time.

All of these things, which looked to have been dropped from the mysterious “blimp,” vanished under strange circumstances. A guy clothed entirely in black entered the station and requested that the employee show him the items he had discovered. After inspecting them, he concluded that the flower was clearly constructed of artificial materials because it had not faded, and that the bloom and other things were imported from Asia.

Then he offered them such a sum of money that the railwayman couldn’t refuse. Despite all attempts, items have yet to be discovered.

This instance, which occurred more than a century ago, when UFOs had not yet been discovered, is eerily similar to recent incidents involving these mystery objects.

There is a lot of proof of the appearance of certain “men in black” who are seeking for artifacts linked to UFOs and eyewitnesses who possibly saw something that people shouldn’t see in the archives of ufologists.

Cow carcasses are picked up by “Men in Black.”

When stories of bizarre cow mutilations began to surface in American media in 1963, farmer David Russell noticed a black oblong object moving in the starry sky, gradually descending, from the veranda of his house.

The cows and dogs were agitated as he approached. And when the UFO passed above the area, a hatch at its bottom opened, allowing several articles to fall from it. The item remained unaffected by this and continued to travel beyond the hills.

Russell decided to investigate what had fallen from the odd contraption before alerting the cops. These appeared to be bits of cow corpses with a peculiar appearance. They were all stripped of their skin and exsanguinated.

The incisions were quite precise, especially where the “saw” passed over the bones. The farmer was surprised by the fact that the saw incisions in cow corpses generated a faint light. He went back to his residence and dialed the police number.

After a while, he peeked out the window and noticed that some people were already wandering around the unusual remnants, which surprised him. Russell went to the police to find out who they were because the police could not respond in such a short period.

People were dressed in black suits, white shirts, and black ties, which was unusual for such a distant location. They were all wearing hats. Strangers placed corpse fragments into plastic bags. When the farmer inquired, one of them produced an FBI agent ID and instructed him to remain silent about the event.

They proceeded to the nearby wood, not the roadway, for some reason, with their baggage, where they vanished. Furthermore, they carried big bags as if they were nothing.

An hour later, the cops arrived. The farmer’s story astounded law enforcement investigators. Nonetheless, they alerted the police, and the next day, FBI officers came at Russell’s door, but this time with others, interrogating him and inspecting the area where the cow corpses lay.

Only twenty-five years later, Russell talked about the situation. One of the officers who came to see him later that night verified his story.

The debris of a UFO should not end up in the hands of scientists on the ground.

In Minnesota, a very identical scenario occurred in 1985. Behind the wreckage of a UFO stood “guys in black.”

The sound of an explosion in the sky awoke the Daugherty family on the night of April 28.

They saw scattered silver-colored metal bits as they were leaving the house. They were smooth polished on the exterior and pimply polished on the interior and on the pieces. Their weight was startling: even the heaviest of them weighted practically nothing. The debris had a thickness of around 2.5 inches. The substance was extremely malleable: it could be bent and squished into a lump, much like clay, and still keep its shape.

It was clear to the Doughertys that it was the debris of a spaceship. They were state property by law, therefore the family’s head of household phoned the cops.

Two jeeps and a large van arrived at the residence shortly after. They were exited by people dressed in black suits. They identified themselves as police officers. They placed all of the rubble into a cart, rolling up or crushing some of the bigger bits into clods.

The smaller portion was hidden in the garage by the younger Dougherty. When everything was collected, the senior “policeman” approached the officer and insisted that he reveal the secret. He pointed at the garage at the same moment. Tom didn’t have an option but to comply.

The actual officers arrived afterwards. The delay was caused by a peculiar failure of their car: halfway down the highway, in a remote area, the engine stalled. It barely took an hour for it to work.

What type of individuals came to Dougherty that night and where their jeeps and vans went remained a mystery. The family’s patriarch recalled the number of one of the automobiles, but it was later discovered that such a number did not exist.

The hunt for a van and jeeps yielded no results. A NASA spokesperson later claimed that no spacecraft had crashed in the vicinity.

Managing the unfavorable.

The “Men in Black” are accused of assassinating scientists working on military space technologies. Sydney Sheldon, a well-known American journalist and researcher, published a list of 23 such scientists who died in unexplained circumstances in 1986 alone.

According to the study, at least half of them had interaction with mysterious persons clothed in black soon before their deaths.

Strangers from other worlds pay mysterious visits to people who maintain telepathic connection with them. Visitors typically demand that contact operations be halted, that literature regarding UFOs be selected, and that information obtained from extraterrestrial correspondents be erased from contactees’ memories. Threats and intimidation are frequently used by them.

Alvaro Sernuta, a Mexican contact who formed a telepathic link with an extraterrestrial named Zeb, was persuaded that their warnings were not hollow words after his personal experience.

Sernuta, who awoke from a coma following a serious vehicle accident, claimed that two guys in black suits approached him on the street the evening before the event, which he misunderstood for plainclothes cops. They informed him that they were well aware of his telepathic interactions and requested that he cease them immediately.

They also warned Zeb with terrible punishment if he made touch with them for the first time. Sernuta did, however, contact an alien a few days later and was involved in an automobile accident only a few hours afterwards.

Salagar, a Filipino clairvoyant who vanished without a trace in 1992, is believed to have been abducted by the “men in black.”

This tale went unnoticed because it was cloaked in mystery. Because the Catholic Church condemned Salagar, hardly no one wrote about her in the Philippines.

Salagar had two glimpses about the near future of Earth and humanity before he vanished. In a dream, he saw them. He just had a hazy recollection of them. The clairvoyant decided to undergo regressive hypnosis because she recognized their value and wanted people to have a better understanding of them.

He revealed the horrific images he witnessed of tragic occurrences when immersed in it. A massive tsunami that circled the world several times, dazzling lights in the sky, earthquakes, storms, and other natural calamities are among them. He described the images as if he were looking at them from a different angle.

Salagar, a semi-literate peasant who had never ventured outside his isolated rural area, detailed in great detail genuine places, buildings, and even the interiors of houses he could not possible be in. Salagar is said to have been able to see and recall the date of these occurrences in his first dream.

During the fourth session of hypnosis, which he was subjected to by the psychotherapist Dr. G. Marcos, the clairvoyant vanished from the hospital. Marcos and the nurse vanished along with him.

All textual, audio, and video materials from these meetings have vanished as well. Hospital staff and patients both said they hadn’t seen anything. However, witnesses claim that some persons in black suits entered the hospital facility on the evening these three vanished.

At least a half-dozen of them were present. They seemed to be security guards or special service agents. The hospital administration is completely unaware of their visit.

Then a fascinating tale emerged. One of the hospital employees began to get nightmares and regular headaches after seeing no strange visitors that evening. She stated she witnessed persons in black suits wandering about the hospital and, more crucially, how they escorted Dr. Marcos, a nurse, and Sagalar down the hospital corridor while she was hypnotized.

This final event, one must believe, is fairly typical. Many ufologists believe that the latest sightings of “guys in black” are simply the “tip of the iceberg.”

In truth, there have been many more encounters with these animals; the only difference is that no one remembers them. Eyewitnesses’ memories of interactions with “space security agents” are obliterated, as was the case with the staff at that Philippine hospital.

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