NASA Confirms Joining Investigation Into UFO Phenomena

NASA has confirmed that it is participating in the inquiry of unexplained aerial occurrences. The US space agency has stated that it would join the UFO probe and will enhance its efforts to assist the existing government inquiry.

The new effort may focus the agency’s substantial scientific resources on looking for clues of alien life not only on faraway planets, but also right here on Earth.

A NASA representative said that the agency was “considering ways to contribute our Earth observation experience from space to increase understanding of the UAP” and that it had “consulted with numerous government departments,” but denied that it was establishing its own UAP office.

The declaration is a significant step forward for the administration, which has previously denied any involvement with unexplained flying objects.

According to a US government source familiar with NASA’s UAP investigation, the project will most likely involve collecting evidence from any astronauts who have encountered unidentified objects in space, as well as reviewing images and data from previous missions to aid in the investigation of any anomalous encounters.

As part of its investigations, the Pentagon UFO team has already sought photographs from shuttle cameras on several of NASA’s space missions, according to the unnamed source.

“Several purported occurrences involving NASA astronauts and space missions utilizing UAPs have been reported,” he said.

“Rather than ignoring the problem, I believe NASA is doing the right thing by confronting it head-on and examining how it might use its expertise in Earth observations from orbit to help comprehend this phenomenon.”

Bill Nelson, the administrator of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, revealed last year that he spoke with Navy pilots who encountered objects flying with extraordinary capabilities off the coast of the United States in 2004, and expressed his openness to the possibility of advanced alien life.

“I spoke with those pilots, and they know they saw something, and their radars picked it up,” Nelson stated during a University of Virginia lecture in October 2021.

“They have no idea what it is.” And we have no idea what it is. We’re hoping it’s not a human foe with that type of technology. But it’s a start.”

“I don’t know if the UFOs spotted by the pilots are aliens,” he said, “but who am I to claim that planet Earth is the only location for a civilized and structured way of life like ours?”

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