Captured Alien Being Communicates With KGB Agent Using Only Telepathy – He Asked For Help

A former KGB agent filmed the footage. This agent was charged with capturing evidence from an investigation, and this is what he got.

He went to a hidden subterranean facility and found a number of closed doors. According to him, there were many strange noises made by unidentifiable animals.

As a consequence, he was able to get access to the chamber where the alien was being detained.

People in his immediate vicinity provided him with protective clothing and assured him that he was not in danger.

He could hear the alien’s voice asking him to contact his supervisor and have him – the alien – removed from the jail where he was being confined when he arrived at the alien.

Remember the Blue Book Project’s Extraterrestrial Interview? The captive extraterrestrial seemed terrified, and it was likely mistreated by base personnel. Consider how he felt when he was abducted and sent to another world.

These aliens may be us from the future, and we should treat them with respect since we reverse-engineered their technology.

This is accompanied by a video, which may be seen at the bottom of this page. You’ll see the extraterrestrial at 8:30 p.m.


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