Anonymous NASA Source Claims That They Are “Looking For Alien Beings Among Us”

For the first time in history, NASA acknowledged the existence of UFOs, also known as “unidentified aerial phenomena” or UAPs, enigmatic spacecraft that operate in Earth’s atmosphere.

Now NASA has chosen to officially include some of the professionals who, according to them, worked with the problem on a voluntary and self-initiated basis.

According to this unidentified NASA insider, the organization is serious about looking for alien life here on Earth.

Despite NASA’s best efforts to avoid mentioning aliens in public, an unnamed source claims that not only NASA but also US Intelligence have been looking at this subject for decades.

They are, nonetheless, confident that aliens may be among us.

And, while we have always suspected that they are among us throughout history, those of us who study Ufology may not have been mistaken.

These agencies are looking into the notion that they are not concealed, but rather mingling with mankind, which provides us the knowledge that leaks are vital for Ufology to progress.

That is, the experts at NASA do not rule out the possibility of alien involvement.

“Who am I to claim that planet Earth is the sole environment for a style of life as civilized and ordered as ours?” NASA head Bill Nelson said after speaking with the pilots following objects and capturing them in their sights.

According to another US government source, NASA will most certainly begin gathering testimonials from astronauts, beginning with those who have witnessed UFOs in space.

Both the Pentagon and NASA have already stated that astronauts have observed and videotaped UFOs on many occasions. Archival material captured by cameras on shuttles and other spacecraft was sought by experts from both agencies.

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