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The Dragon’s Triangle Is a Now-Defunct Underwater Alien Base

If you like the Bermuda Triangle tale, you’ll love the Dragon’s Triangle narrative since the two are, to say the least, quite similar.

You can find it 60 miles south of Tokyo, but we wouldn’t recommend going fishing near it since thousands of people have already gone missing.

For example, when the Mongol Emperor Kublai Khan attempted to conquer the coastlines of Japan in the 13th century AD, he suffered a catastrophic defeat before ever striking the land, losing over a thousand ships and 40,000 soldiers at sea.

This episode was recorded because it was one of Kublai Khan’s earliest defeats and, more importantly, it severely damaged his formidable fleet.

Many instances of weather changes were also recorded here, leading the Japanese to believe that the Mongolians were suffocated by a Celestial Wind.

Some believe this is the site of the ancient Lost City of Atlantis, since its curse still holds true today, and anybody who comes near to it will be lured to the ocean’s depths.

Others believe that this is the site of a dragon, thus the name “Dragon’s Triangle.” Others, on the other hand, are confident that an alien base lies under the surface. What are your opinions on the matter?

The tale of Utsuro-Bune is another legend that supports this notion. The earliest story originates from 1803 in Japan when two strange stories started to spread. Legend has it that Japanese sailors discovered a hollow ship drifting aimlessly in the Pacific.

The ship’s windows were shaped like a circle. The men naturally hauled the ship to shore, where they were shocked to see a lovely lady sitting inside, holding a chest.

The pale, red-haired lady spoke a strange language and wore similarly strange attire. The traveler, unable to strike up a meaningful conversation, made a hand signal across the water, leaving the sailors stunned as she returned to her ship and sailed away.

The next year, Utsuro-Bune, as she was known, would go over Japan’s entire coast. Nobody knows who she was or where she came from, despite several speculations regarding her extraterrestrial origins.

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