Strange Silver Spherical UFO Spotted Over California – It Was Also Recorded

A soaring silver ball-shaped UFO was reportedly spotted and captured on camera near Menlo Park, California, in the United States. The thing seemed to be big enough.

The other day, a Californian guy from Menlo Park and his mother and kid were relaxing close to the house when they observed something odd in the sky.

The item, which resembled a metal ball and was readily discernible even from a respectable height, was certainly fairly enormous.

There were no clouds in the sky, it was a beautiful day, and the gently moving UFO didn’t resemble a drone or weather balloon at all. At the same moment as it turned and soared.

The family watched the item for 15 minutes, the video’s creator claims, before it slowly climbed vertically and vanished from sight.

Such tiny objects are referred to be UFO patrols by some ufologists, who claim that it is not difficult to notice them if you know when to keep a watch on the sky.

Ufologists claim that patrols are extraterrestrial drones that can survey the planet. These gadgets observe the Earth, maintain tabs on all planet-wide activities, and transfer this data to the main “headquarters,” where it is examined and, when appropriate, choices for “intervening” in human affairs are made.

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