Amateur Archaeologists Found a Possible Giant Pyramid Located In The Russian Mountains

After uncovering an extraordinarily gigantic new pyramid in Russia’s highlands, a group of amateur archaeologists and explorers got together to make the discovery of a lifetime.

They’d always wanted to make a self-discovery but couldn’t seem to get it right, but because to their extraordinary deductive abilities, they eventually succeeded and created one of our generation’s most important discoveries.

If this pyramid is confirmed to be man-made, it will swiftly become one of the biggest pyramids of all time, with each side protruding about one kilometer or more on the outside.

Evgeny Svitov, the expedition’s director, said that they discovered the pyramid by looking at satellite pictures and hearing local stories about it.

Because the local Khanty and Mansi would never travel beyond the Grubei River, where this find was found, it was clear right away that something was concealed here.

If that wasn’t enough, this gigantic new pyramid, along with the Great Pyramid of Giza, is one of the world’s few eight-faced pyramids.

As you can see, if this is shown to be made, it will surely become one of the most amazing discoveries of all time.

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